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Welcome to Ultimate Precision Gaming. We are all about guiding the Casino and Horse Racing enthusiast to their ultimate goal. BEATING THE CRAP out of the Casino's and or your fellow horse players. Not an easy task, but it can be done with correct methodologies and exacting play. This is certainly not a get rich or get rich quick endeavor.  If that is what you are looking for LEAVE THIS SITE AT ONCE. On the other hand with precise and deliberating play coupled with a tremendous amount of patience and discipline you can achieve your long term goal of profitability.

Ultimate Precision Gaming's Handicapping performance sheet for Horse Racing is a stride in a direction to achieve the ultimate in handicapping precision. A combination of factors including but not limited to pace, speed, class, form, connections and race shape analysis went into the creation of Ultimate Precision Gaming Proprietary system.

Ultimate Precision baccarat is undeniably the greatest baccarat system on the market today. Unfortunately many marketers of gambling systems of late and there chicanery of get rich quick scams and wild claims of money management trickery. Up as you lose progressions that are doomed to fail before you even begin. I know and myself have bought into some of there skullduggery. I went on a quest some 6 years ago to create a gambling methodology. This baccarat system,  baccarat method, baccarat strategy, what ever you want to call it, not only had to win on a consistent basis, but it had to do it using flat bets only. Ultimate Precision Baccarat's baccarat system was the result. Testing of over 2000 shoes from live Casino's to high tech computer software went into its creation. A + 2.1 net profit per shoe flat betting was the result.  It's not an easy road, a get rich quick or glamorous lifestyle one might imagine but certainly well worth it to others. With practice, patience and a ton of discipline all of your dreams CAN COME TRUE.